For almost 30 years, W. W. Norton has been using Bytheway's services from typesetting to complete project management. Though times have changed during these decades, Bytheway?s commitment to timely, high-quality work remains a constant. Prompt customer service and attention to detail have always been a hallmark of their work.
A. Deborah Malmud
Vice President, W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.
Director, Norton Professional Books


[IMAGE: Bytheway Publishing Services Headquarters]

About Us

At Bytheway, we have 38 years of experience in prepress publishing services. From project management of a multivolume work, to single-volume book or journal composition, to eBook conversions, each job is approached with the expertise and attention to quality that has been our hallmark.

In the rapidly changing digital prepress world, Bytheway stands out as one company that has been able to maintain a high standard of publishing excellence while harnessing the new technology in a global manufacturing environment. Each and every project is measured against the traditional rules of good bookmaking and the long-standing customs and practices of the book publishing industry.

We have the technical expertise to keep you current with the latest developments in the changing digital prepress arena and the stability and reliability to be your publishing services provider well into the future.

In 2016, we proudly celebrate our 38th anniversary and are pleased to showcase our products and services.